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800-989-9869 1155 Richard Petty Way, Lebanon, TN 37090


Extremely durable, the long-lasting seamless system is the most readily available.

Designed for use as a seamless, waterproof liner for drinking water and where there is direct contact with food products.

UV resistant and remains flexible to temps -30F. This system eliminates the need of termination bars bonded directly to chines pipe and pipe support.

Saves You Time & Money!

  • Pre-Manufactured robotically in a controlled environment

  • Less time on site, means lower mobilization cost and reduced shut down time

  • Meets EPA regulations for secondary containment of stored hydrocarbons

  • Reduced material waste that goes to the landfill

  • Cost efficient

Composite Pure Spray Polyurea

Secondary Containment System

The RoboLiner® system for secondary and primary containments and impoundments are manufactured robotically in a controlled environment. Unlike field application RoboLiner® is QA/QC in the plant and arrives fully cured and ready for rapid installation. With minimum amount of installation time versus field applied it creates a monolithic containment solution that has not heat welded seams and requires no backfilling or covering.

  • Remains Flexible in Cold Temperatures


  • Cures from -40° to 225°F

  • 100% solids, zero VOC

  • Excellent UV stability

  • Seamless elastomer

  • Patent US 8,500,941 B2 August 6, 2013

  • Canadian patent CA 2683244 C 2014/11/18

  • Patent US 9,056,714 B2 June 16, 2015